Frequently Asked Questions ! 


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. The most relevant ones will be added to this page.



Can we try the KilPenn before buying it ? 

Yes and no.

Yes, you can order a KilPenn in stock and try it, you have 15 days to try it during a maximum of sessions and thus see if it suits your horse or not. 

If so, you can either keep the KilPenn you received, or return it and be refunded and order a customized KilPenn.

But the test is not completely free, les the return costs are at your own expense.

Warning : Refund is not possible for custom models, in accordance with article L221-28 of the French Consumer Code.


Does it fit all bridles ?

The KilPenn fits almost any bridle or halter, anatomical or not. It can easily and quickly be changed of headrest.

For some headrests it may be useful to cut the self gripping band without leather lining for one centimeter, which helps maintain the headrest in place and does not damage the material.


Must I have one KilPenn per horse ? 

Not necessarily, the KilPenn is delivered with a standard thickness level of wool in each pad. You are strongly advised to take the time to properly adjust our KilPenn so that it fits your horse perfectly.

Having one KilPenn per horse allows you to fix with a sewing stitch the length of the part in the strap, to cut the surplus and to melt the end with the aid of a cigarette lighter.



How do I clean it ?

Use a wet sponge for the KilPenn in corked canvas and imitation leather, adding a little moisturising soap (glycerine or guenine Marseille soap) for leather KilPenn. 



Can we make a custom embroidery on a KilPenn ?

Yes you can have up to 8 characters embroidered on the right side of your KilPenn, it can be a name, initials, the name of your horse,... This service is offered for KilPenn customizable leather models, tests are planned soon for the corked canvas and imitation leather versions. 

A logo embroidery (in small rectangular format) may be possible, do not hesitate to contact us !