KilPenn porté


Why « KilPenn » ?



Kilpenn" means "nape of the neck" in Breton language, the region where was created and wherez this neck protection for horses is made.

Its origin comes from a simple question : we have been freeing the backbones of our horses for decades, but what happens if we do the same for the neck ?




What is a KilPenn ?


KilPenn is made of two anatomical pads, adjustable and whose volume can be increased or decreased to best fit your horse and your bridle. 

Designed to release the nuchal ligament and free the ears, KilPenn offers a real comfort and improves relaxation.

This product is not magical, thus will not be suitable for all horses :

There is only one way to find out, test it !

That's why you have 15 days to try it on your horse and send it back if you have not found any benefit and your money will be refunded (you can read the full terms here).




And the fabrication ?


KilPenn are currently available in

several materials :   


- Angel leather from the Belgian

  tannery Radermecker,                        

- Corked canvas,                                    

- Imitation leather.                                      

The corked canvas and imitation leather version are still provisional.

Other leather alternatives will be tested and available later.                   


The KilPenn are lined with natural sheep wool collected by Les Toisons

Bretonnes,  coming  from  Breton  and  Loire breedings, respecting a strict 

breeding  charter (animal welfare, healthy diet without pesticides ans GMOs,

using only treatments based on natural products) and having not undergone

any transformation except washing after sheering.                                     


Cutting, assembly and machine stitching is done by hand in Brittany,

near Vannes in the Morbihan area (France).


The   embroidery   is   made    by    Centor Créations, a    young    artisanal

workshop of made-to-measure saddle pads based in Plouay, also in Morbihan.


How to set it up ?


First step : Look at our tutorial to learn everything !