An innovation for rope halters users !


Rope halters, or ethological halters, are made of one and the same rope, very resistant, so that in case of problem, the knots tighten, but the halter will not give way. You certainly know that you must never tie a horse with a rope halter, for the reason mentioned above, but what about your horse at work?

Indeed, as good horseman or horse as we are, it may happen that our horse escapes us from time to time, or that we fall. In these situations, the rider no longer has control and the horse can unfortunately catch his hooves in his leading rope or his reins. In many cases, they will end up with nasty cervical pain, but in the worst stories I've heard, they may even break a cervical bone.


The hooks, still in development at the moment, are designed to make the halter more practical, but also to yield when the tension on the halter exceeds 300kg. They are available in several colors, and will be available at our online store very soon.


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